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RpgPixelmon Will be offering PERSONAL servers DDOS Protected Pro Hosted for 12$/mo.
* NEWS * Aug 1st 2014 MOJANG will no longer allow Donations on ANY server for in game items or any perk that provides an advantage to any player, this includes ranks as well. READ MORE HERE . Also Pixlemon is stopping pixelmon servers from selling Pixelmon in game for donations as well as commands, blocks and stats READ MORE HERE
So what does this mean? Most servers will move to a pay to play with no more ranks, so If you cant afford a monthly fee, enjoy single player. Some servers are already moving to this, but reasonabily. We are aware of a server who will offer multiple server mods like Pixelmon, vanilla, survival and more on the 1.7.2 mincraft game client for 5$ a month. Watch this space for more information!

Learn about our List Engine

Welcome to Pixelmon Servers !

Our goal here is to provide you a great way to list you Pixelmon Server with some really amazing features not found on any other list engine.

We have stepped away from open source templates and used .Net 4.0 to give you the most reliable and stable list of servers on the internet.

Below you will find information about what makes our website different and far better than anything you have yet to use.

A lot of time has been put into designing this with the user in mind. We feel we have done a good job so far but we want to improve, this is where YOU come in. We look forward to reading your ideas and suggestions to make this website even better!

We also offer, as a paid addition, featured and shared banner listings.

Featured listings will appear on page one only above the normal listings (The gold boxes at the top). There are only five slots available at one time. You can get a featured listing for a week up to a month. Being featured, does not remove you from the normal list.

Shared banners appear at the bottom of EVERY page (The green box at the bottom). One banner is shown at random on every page view. We do not have a limit on how many servers can participate in this. It is a one time fee and good for one Month.

These features are optional, but provide better visibility and attract more players, we HIGHLY recommend it.

Thank you VERY much for visiting us, and we hope you have as much fun using this website as I did building it. 

Adding your pixelmon server is SIMPLE and Fast!

Just click the "Add Your Server" button at the top of the page to start, you will be taken to the Add your server sign up page.

Now we are aware of the problem with servers getting attacked, and not everyone can afford high end DDOS/SYN protection so we added a way to use a proxy server with out list so you can still use Votifier and RCON without having to expose your REAL servers IP address. When you sign up you can add a REAL IP and Port and a DISPLAY IP and Port. The Display IP or URL is what we show the users visiting the page, the REAL IP and Port is never exposed and used by us to send and get information from your server without having to go through your proxy.

After you sign up, you will receive an email with a verification link, all you need to do is click it and you are all set to go.

Also you can add as many servers as you like, all you have to do is use the SAME email address for each server you make with a DIFFERENT password for each. You can log in with any of the email/password combinations you have made and still see all of your servers on you account page when you log in.

Help spread the word and get rewarded!

We have implemented a votes for banner system. Place our banner on your website and we will give you, five extra votes per day.

It is very simple and we even supply you with the code to use, just add the code to you default domain page, anywhere, and "Opt-In" in your My Account page.

As this is available to everyone it is not unfair, however we do provide three different server views on the main page to give the users a way to see the ranking in a way they want.

TAB One - For total votes including the free votes program (this is the default view, Selected when someone visits the page).

Tab Two - Total Player Votes, this shows the ranking by PLAYER VOTES ONLY, the free votes are not included here.

Tab Three - Total amount of players online, it does not account for votes only the current total players on your server.

Server Tags Up to 15!

We noticed that most of the list engines give you a ton of tags to choose from, but never enough to show all the features of your server. This bothered us, I mean why not? So we did something about it.

With our system you can select up to 15 tags to describe your server.

We felt it was important for the users to see everything your server has to offer, not just a few features.

Your servers Details

We also wanted to add the best options to give you a detail page that will give the users the BEST possible experience. All of the normal detail options are here for you to use like your website, YouTube video, short and long description, ect...

But we added an extra feature for you.

Offline Notify

This feature pings your server every 15 minutes. If you server is offline, we send you an email telling you. You will never get more than one email per day per offline event.

In other words if your server goes offline we send the email. When it comes back up we make a note of it, however if it goes offline again after that in the same 24 hour period, you will get yet another email as this is not the same offline event. If your server goes on and off line a few times between checks we won't notice or send emails to you, the check and email send only happens four times an hour and only IF you are newly offline.

Server Ping Status

We also included a quick and easy to understand ping and player count dashboard.

We felt this would be very handy to see the latency your server is experiencing.

We take the ping results from the list engine to your real and public IP then display the results with the current player count to you.

Banner Archive

I also implemented a Banner archive, this allows you to switch uploaded banners at any time.

Maybe one banner got better results than another, or perhaps you just want to change them daily, either way it is very easy to add, remove and change your servers banner.
All features and code are (C) 2013 Mark Kiessling & Any violation or plagerism will be handeled in accordance with the law, swiftly.